Creatures and Tense Situations!

Added on by Robin Chyo.

I've been messing around with Sculptris a bit lately and have been getting the urge to paint over some of the geometry. Here's some of the results!

Be sure to check out the "characters/mech" section for more details!

Mech Sketches/WIP's

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Just messing around a bit. I'm hoping to find some time to render these out a bit more!

"LAND OF" Update 2

Added on by Robin Chyo.

Some new environments for "LAND OF"!

"LAND OF" Update

Added on by Robin Chyo.

One of my new year's resolution for this year was to finally get back into fleshing out my personal project, "LAND OF". It'll be a lot art at first, but I'll definitely be doing some world-building, as well.

Hopefully you all enjoy reading and seeing what the world is all about as much as I enjoy creating it!